Does Amazon Deliver to PO Boxes? What You Need to Know

Does Amazon Deliver to PO Boxes

Does Amazon Deliver to PO Boxes? Discover how to add a post office box as a shipping address and receive your orders privately and conveniently.

As online shopping has become more popular, many shoppers are opting to have their packages delivered to PO boxes rather than home addresses for privacy and security reasons. This leads to the common question – does Amazon deliver to PO boxes?

The short answer is yes, Amazon does deliver to PO boxes in many cases, but there are some caveats customers should be aware of. Here is a detailed overview of Amazon’s policies and procedures for delivering to post office boxes.

How to Set Up a PO Box for Amazon Deliveries

The first step is making sure your PO box can accept Amazon packages. Here are some tips:

  • Check with your local post office to see if they accept packages from common carriers like UPS and FedEx. Many PO boxes are for USPS mail only.
  • Opt for a larger PO box size that can accommodate bigger packages. Standard small and medium PO boxes may be too small.
  • Enquire about parcel lockers if your post office has them. These provide PO box holders with a separate locker for packages.

Once you confirm your PO box can receive Amazon orders, add it as a shipping address on your Amazon account:

  • In Your Account, go to Your Addresses and select Add address.
  • Enter your details including the PO box number. Under Address type, be sure to select PO Box.
  • Make sure to set your PO box as your 1-Click default address for faster checkout.

You can also enter your PO box number in the Shipping address section during checkout, but saving it to your account is best for convenience.<div class=”callout”>

Pro tip: For privacy, you may want to use your PO box only for Amazon orders and use a street address as your main account address.</div>

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Does Amazon Deliver Everything to a PO Box?

While Amazon ships most items to PO boxes, there are certain exceptions including:

  • Large, heavy, or irregularly shaped items – Amazon may determine these should only go to a home or office with a loading dock. Examples are large TVs, furniture, and exercise equipment.
  • Perishable groceries or meals – Items ordered through Amazon Fresh and some Whole Foods orders cannot go to a PO box for food safety reasons.
  • Age-restricted products – Certain items like alcohol, tobacco, and medicines require an adult signature during delivery which can’t be done at a PO box.
  • Third-party seller items – If you order from a seller other than Amazon, they may not be able to ship to your PO box, depending on their policies.

So you’ll want to pay close attention to any delivery restrictions on a product page before ordering. If restrictions apply, consider having the item sent to an Amazon locker, or use an Amazon Day delivery to group PO box-ineligible items together for home delivery.

Does Amazon Deliver to PO Boxes

How Does PO Box Delivery from Amazon Work?

When you place an order on Amazon destined for your PO box, here is the typical process:

  • Amazon routes packages under 50 pounds to USPS for final delivery. USPS will place these smaller parcels directly into your PO box.
  • Larger Amazon packages are handed off to UPS or FedEx for delivery. These carriers do not deliver to PO boxes themselves.
  • Instead, once the parcel arrives at your local post office, the staff will place a key to a parcel locker in your PO box.
  • You then use this key to retrieve your larger package from the appropriate locker.

So Amazon leverages both USPS mail carriers and private couriers like UPS to get packages to your PO box, depending on their size and type. Communication between the local post office and these carriers is what makes PO box delivery possible.

Does Amazon Deliver to PO Boxes

Amazon PO Box Delivery Speeds and Tracking

Delivery speeds when shipping to a PO box are similar to home delivery:

  • Prime members get free 1-2 day delivery on millions of eligible items.
  • Non-Prime orders ship for free within 5-8 business days typically.
  • Amazon Day allows you to select a weekly delivery day for all orders to consolidate trips to your PO box.
  • Schedules deliveries let you choose a precise 1-hour delivery window for home or PO box addresses.

The main delay factor is USPS handling time once the package arrives at your post office. Packages may sit for 1-2 business days before box notification slips are placed.

Tracking on Amazon works for PO box addresses, though USPS scanning is often inconsistent once it reaches the local post office. You may need to rely on pickup slips in your box rather than tracking updates. Proper communication between Amazon, USPS, and other carriers is key for smooth PO box delivery.

Pros and Cons of Using a PO Box for Amazon Orders

PO boxes offer several benefits for Amazon shoppers:


  • Easy access near home or work since USPS branches are widespread.
  • No need to worry about missing packages. PO boxes prevent stolen parcels.
  • Pet-friendly option if dogs often interfere with home delivery.
  • Eliminates worrying about delivery if away from home frequently.

Security and Privacy

  • Do not reveal your physical home address to sellers.
  • Prevents people like neighbors or delivery drivers from seeing items you order.
  • Provides an added layer of security from mail and package theft.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Cannot receive extremely large, heavy, or oddly shaped items.
  • Added hassle of retrieving parcel locker keys and packages.
  • Possible delivery delays depending on post office parcel handling procedures.
  • Limited package tracking once the USPS takes possession.
  • Returning Amazon orders may be trickier providing a PO box address.

Overall PO boxes are a solid delivery option for most Amazon shoppers who prioritize privacy and security. Just be aware of any restrictions on the items you tend to order.

Tips for a Smooth PO Box Experience with Amazon

If you decide to use a PO box for Amazon orders, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check tracking frequently and don’t let parcel pickup keys expire.
  • Pick a post office with ample package lockers and parking for easy pickup.
  • Be aware of PO box rental fees, which vary by location and box size.
  • Make sure to track when your PO box renewal is due.
  • Alert Amazon Customer Service if issues arise with lost packages.
  • Consider Amazon Day or Scheduled delivery to group orders for fewer trips.
  • For oversized items, have a backup street address on your account.
  • Notify the post office ahead of travel or extended absences to hold mail.

The Bottom Line

Amazon makes it possible to securely receive your packages using a post office box. While limitations apply for larger and perishable items, most standard orders ship just fine to PO boxes through USPS and parcel lockers. As long as you select an appropriately sized box and follow Amazon’s delivery guidelines, a PO box can be a convenient and private shipping solution for Amazon purchases.

People Also Ask

Can you get Amazon packages to a PO Box?

Yes, Amazon delivers most standard packages under 50 lbs to US PO boxes through USPS or parcel lockers. Oversized items may be restricted.

Does Amazon deliver to PO boxes in Canada?

No, Amazon currently does not offer PO box delivery options within Canada. Packages must be shipped to a physical Canadian address.

Where does Amazon not deliver?

Amazon does not deliver to PO boxes outside the US, or to P.O. box-only addresses internationally. Certain products also have restrictions.

Can packages be delivered to PO boxes?

Packages can go to PO boxes as long as they are under 50 lbs through USPS or parcel lockers, with some exceptions like oversized items.