Mario Movie Showtimes: Everything Fans Need To Know

Mario Movie Showtimes

Discover the must-know details about the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. animated movie – from release date and Mario Movie Showtimes to formats and theaters.

The upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie is one of the most highly anticipated films in years. As the release date approaches, fans are eager to learn all the details about when and where they can see the new Mario movie Showtimes. This comprehensive guide provides fans with all the key information needed to experience this exciting new take on the beloved Mario franchise.

When Will The Mario Movie Be Released?

The Super Mario Bros. movie is planned for worldwide theatrical release on April 5, 2023, in the United States. This date from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment will bring Mario and friends to the big screen for the first time in nearly 30 years, since the live-action 1993 Super Mario Bros. film.

What is the Running Time of the Movie?

According to director Chris Meledandri, the Mario movie runtime will be around 95 minutes. This will allow enough time to tell an engaging story while keeping the brisk, fun pace that the Mario games are known for. Given the experience of Illumination Entertainment with successful animated films like Despicable Me and Sing, they seem well-equipped to make the most of the runtime.

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When Can I Buy Tickets for the Mario Movie?

Specific details have not yet been announced, but movie tickets typically go on sale 4-6 weeks before the release date. That means fans can expect to be able to purchase Mario movie tickets sometime in February or March 2023. As soon as tickets are available, they can be bought online through sites like Fandango, and Atom Tickets, and directly from theater chains.

Mario Movie Showtimes

Will The Mario Movie Be Only in Theaters or Also Streaming?

The Super Mario Bros. movie is scheduled for theatrical release only initially. The film is being distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures, and their typical pattern is to release movies to theaters first, followed by digital rental and purchase, and eventually streaming on a service like Peacock.

Fans hoping to see the movie right away on April 7 will need to visit a cinema to watch Mario hit the big screen. But the movie will likely reach streaming and home video formats a few months after its debut.

What Format Will The Mario Movie Be Available in?

Major animated films these days are usually released in both 2D and 3D formats. Illumination’s successful track record of animated hits suggests the Mario movie will be no different. This means fans should have the option to experience the movie in standard 2D showing or 3D showings with glasses provided at the theater.

Both formats will provide amazing visuals bringing Mario’s world to life. But 3D may offer greater immersion in locations like Peach’s castle and Bowser’s lair. Check your local cinema listings closer to release to see which formats they will exhibit.

Will There Be IMAX or 4DX Showings?

IMAX showings of fairly predicted movies have become very commonplace in recent times. The epic scale and immersive visuals of Mario’s huge-display debut seem nicely applicable for IMAX’s massive monitors and booming surround sound. While not confirmed, there’s a strong risk theaters will offer the Mario movie in IMAX to enthusiasts in search of the last viewing.

As for 4DX showings with in-theater effects like motion, wind, and scents, these tend to be rarer. 4DX is offered primarily at specialty chains like Cineplex. Whether they get on board for Mario or not remains to be seen. But standard 3D will provide plenty of thrills on its own for most fans.

What Rating Will The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have?

The Mario movie has not but acquired a legitimate score from the MPAA, but it’s miles expected to garner a PG rating. Illumination movies are generally family-pleasant, and a PG would permit youngsters to revel in Mario’s adventure while preserving content moderate enough for younger visitors.

Parents can probably feel comfortable bringing Mario fans of any age to the movie. Of course, as always, it’s best to check the rating again closer to release in case it ends up more restrictive than expected.

How Long Will The Mario Movie Be in Theaters?

Major family films like this typically remain in wide theatrical release for 8-12 weeks before scaling back. But a lot depends on the movie’s box office performance. If Super Mario Bros proves a hit with audiences, it could potentially last over 3 months in theaters.

Regardless, fans eager to see Mario’s big-screen debut will want to catch it early during the initial April/May window. Otherwise, sellouts and limited showtimes later on could make seeing the movie difficult for latecomers. Act fast once tickets are on sale!

What Theaters Near Me Will Show the Mario Movie?

As a huge release from major studios, the latest Mario movie will open in wide release at 4,000+ theater locations across North America on April 7. This includes all major cinema chains like AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.

To find specific theaters showing Super Mario Bros. near your location, you can search online as release approaches. When pre-sales open in February/March, sites like Fandango will list available theaters and showtimes. Expect Mario to play just about everywhere, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a nearby cinema to enjoy the movie.

Final Thought

With this guide offering key details on release date, runtime, tickets, formats, and more, Mario Movie Showtimes fans can now feel fully prepped for the iconic plumber’s upcoming cinematic adventure. Be sure to lock in tickets early once sales open. Get ready to enjoy a brilliant real-world take on the beloved Mushroom Kingdom when the Super Mario Bros. movie hits theaters this April!

People Usually Ask

How long will the Mario movie be in theaters?

Major family films like this typically remain in wide release for 8-12 weeks before scaling back. But a lot depends on the movie’s box office performance. If Super Mario Bros proves a hit, it could potentially last over 3 months in theaters. Fans eager to see it should catch it early during the April/May window.

Is the Mario movie scary?

The Mario movie is not expected to be scary for kids and families. It is an animated film from Illumination Entertainment, the studio behind movies like Despicable Me and Sing. Their films tend to be very family-friendly. The Mario movie will likely have comedic, adventurous elements rather than scary content.

Is the Mario movie for adults?

While nostalgic adult fans will enjoy the movie, it is primarily geared towards kids and families. It has a PG rating meaning all ages can attend. But the story, characters, and humor will be designed to engage and appeal directly to younger viewers. Adults can certainly have fun but it’s not strictly an “adult” film.