Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost: An Ultimate Guide

valve cover gasket replacement cost

Discover the factors influencing valve cover gasket replacement cost, average prices by vehicle type, labor and parts costs. Learn when and why to replace it. Save on repairs with expert insights.

A valve cover gasket is a crucial engine component that helps seal the cylinder head and prevents oil leaks. Over time, valve cover gaskets can deteriorate and need replacing. Knowing the cost of a valve cover gasket replacement is important when maintaining your vehicle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about valve cover gasket replacement cost.

Factors That Influence Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost

Several key factors impact the overall valve cover gasket replacement cost:

Vehicle Make and Model 

The make and model of your vehicle greatly affects the replacement cost. Labor times and valve cover gasket part prices vary significantly between vehicle makes and models. Luxury and European vehicles typically cost more.

Engine Type

Inline 4-cylinder engines are generally quicker and easier for mechanics to service. Larger V6 and V8 engines take more time and effort to access the valve cover gaskets, increasing labor costs.

Gasket Material 

Basic rubber gaskets tend to be more affordable. Higher-end vehicles may require more costly silicon/rubber combination gaskets or metal/MLS gaskets.

Labor Cost 

Shop hourly labor rates largely determine the total replacement cost. Dealerships charge $100-$150+ per hour, while independent shops range from $70-$90 per hour on average.


Repair costs are usually higher in major metro areas compared to small towns and rural areas due to higher shop overhead expenses.

valve cover gasket replacement cost

Average Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost by Vehicle

Below are rough estimates for average total valve cover gasket replacement costs by vehicle type:

  • 4-Cylinder Economy Cars – $150-$300+
  • 6-Cylinder Family Sedans – $350-$550+
  • 8-Cylinder Trucks/SUVs – $500-$800+
  • 6-Cylinder Luxury Cars – $650-$900+
  • 8-Cylinder Luxury Cars – $800-$1,200+
  • 12-Cylinder Exotics – $2,000+

Keep in mind your actual repair cost can be lower or higher than these averages depending on your specific vehicle, location, and repair shop.

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Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Labor Cost

The majority of the total replacement cost is labor. Book labor times for valve cover gasket replacement vary widely:

  • Basic 4-Cylinder Engines – 1.0-2.5 hours
  • V6/V8 Trucks and SUVs – 2.0-4.5 hours
  • Luxury Cars and Performance Engines – 4.0-8.0+ hours

At an average shop rate of $80/hour, you can expect to pay a minimum of $80-200 or more just for labor. German and high-end vehicles can be $640+ in labor alone.

Valve Cover Gasket Parts Cost

The valve cover gasket itself is relatively inexpensive. Prices range from $15-40 for basic gaskets up to $100-250+ for higher-end multi-layer steel or silicone gaskets:

  • Rubber gaskets – $15-40
  • Cork/rubber gaskets – $25-100
  • MLS/Metal gaskets – $75-250+

You’ll also need new valve cover bolts and grommets which add $10-30 typically. Replacing the PCV valve and related hoses/seals adds roughly $50-150 more.

When to Replace Your Valve Cover Gasket

Signs your valve cover gasket needs replacement include:

  • Oil leaks – The most common symptom is oil leaking externally around the valve cover area. Oil on top of the engine block is a telltale sign.
  • Burning oil smell – Oil can also leak internally past worn gaskets down into the cylinders. This causes blue smoke from the exhaust and a burning oil smell.
  • Low oil level – External and internal oil leaks will steadily lower your oil level between changes if the gaskets are bad.
  • Engine misfires – Extreme cases can allow enough oil to foul spark plugs and cause engine misfires or rough idle.

Catching and repairing valve cover gasket leaks early is important to prevent further engine damage from oil loss or contamination.

Can I Replace a Valve Cover Gasket Myself?

With DIY understanding and automobile skills, you could update valve cover gaskets yourself and shop on exertion charges. However, it’s an intermediate-degree job requiring gasket scraping/cleaning, new gasket installation, torque specifications, and more.

Tight engine compartments also complicate access on many vehicles. Thoroughly review the steps for your specific vehicle’s engine before attempting.

Professional Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Given the importance of this repair, most drivers choose to have valve cover gasket replacement performed by professional mechanics. An experienced technician can properly diagnose the leak, replace old gaskets, reseal components, check for damage, and ensure a smooth-running engine after the repair.

Shop around between trusted local mechanics and dealerships to compare quotes and find the best value based on your vehicle. Many shops offer coupons to help offset the cost as well. Proper valve cover resealing will stop oil leaks and prevent further engine contamination down the road.

Wrapping Up

Valve cover gasket replacement is an important engine repair that averages $150-$1,200 based on your vehicle’s make and model. While DIY is possible, most drivers utilize professional mechanics to correctly handle oil leaks and ensure long-lasting repairs. Catching and fixing worn valve cover gaskets promptly helps avoid extensive engine damage over time.

People Also Ask

Is it worth replacing valve cover gasket?

Yes, replacing a worn valve cover gasket is worth the repair cost. Oil leaks can damage sensors, wiring, belts, accessories, and the engine if left unattended. Resealing the valve cover prevents further contamination, oil loss, potential engine damage, and more costly repairs down the road.

Is a valve cover gasket leak serious?

A valve cover gasket leak is an extreme difficulty that ought to be addressed fast. Oil leaks allow contamination into the engine which can damage inner additives and reduce engine lifespan over time.

Can I drive my car with a bad valve cover gasket?

You can temporarily drive with a bad valve cover gasket until it can be replaced, but leaks should be fixed as soon as possible. Monitor oil level frequently and be aware leaks may worsen, especially on long drives. Severe leaks can damage the engine.

How much does it cost to replace valve cover gaskets?

Valve cover gasket replacement typically costs $150-$1200 depending on the vehicle’s make/model and local labor rates. Luxury and high-end cars tend to cost more. Shop quotes determine exact pricing.